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Trevon McClymont who stabbed a man in a brazen daytime assault in west Croydon has been locked up for 11 years.

Trevon Mcclymont Who Stabbed A Man In A Brazen Daytime Assault In West Croydon Has Been Locked Up For 11 Years.
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A teenager who stabbed a man in a brazen daytime assault in west Croydon has been locked up for 11 years.

Trevon McClymont, 19 , of Edington Road, Greenwich, appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday, 3 March where he was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment.

On Tuesday, 8 May 2018, the 19-year-old victim was in a newsagents in Derby Road, Croydon, when he saw two men pull up on a moped outside.

McClymont immediately jumped off the moped, ran up to the victim and pulled out a knife. Both men then engaged in a violent struggle, where the victim was left with a stab wound to his shoulder. He was required to attend a local hospital for treatment.

Believing the job was done, the suspect ran back to his friend who was waiting on the moped and they sped off together. Later enquiries established that the moped had been reported stolen just weeks before the attack.

Shocked members of the public passing by captured the moment that both men fled the scene on mobile phones.

Detectives investigating the stabbing quickly linked McClymont and he was arrested three weeks later on Tuesday, 29 May 2018. The address he was arrested at was searched and a knife was recovered that visually resembled the one used in the offence. The driver of the moped was never traced.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence incriminating McClymont, he pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon.

Detectives from Croydon CID led the investigation.

Detective Sergeant Sam Bennett said: “This is a good result and proves that the Met is absolutely focused on locking up those who are violent or carry potential lethal weapons.

“Despite the indifference McClymont showed throughout this process, he will now spend a considerable amount of his young life behind bars. No doubt he’ll look back at this in years to come and realise how foolish he was carrying that blade and stabbing his victim.

“Our victim was lucky in this case, but sadly others lose their life to senseless violence on the streets of the capital. We all want to stop the bloodshed before it happens and I would urge anyone with information on violent crime or knife crime to report it.