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Gun left on Driveway after 100K Smash in Grays




Grays,Essex, Monday 18th May 2020  £100K of Carnage after Grays Lexus Drive through.

Emergency services  are currently on scene following a collision between a car and a house  and eight other vehicles in Lodge Lane, Grays.

Police were called just before 11pm on Sunday 17 May, after the Grey High Powered ploughed through crash barriers a brick wall and eight other parked vehicles.

A Ford Mustang Bullitt worth £49,000, along with Eight other vehicles have been involved in the carnage after Car the driver made off from the scene

A Police spokesperson has said ” no injuries have been reported and Drivers are asked to please avoid the area where possible.”

Witnesses have told how a gun was left behind as a young woman fled from the car straight after the crash. 

Police arrived within 15 minutes and swiftly cordoned off the scene. 

One  homeowner who vehicle was damaged  said: “Police were guarding something on the driveway and three people were saying it was a gun. 

“Another said there was guys with hammers banging on a neighbour’s door trying to get in.

“There’s a lot of police here and a lot of worried residents outside their homes. 

“I ran out of my home after hearing the smash, I knew it was bad and thought a car had probably flipped again.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101



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