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Muc stupid in Kent as Mcdonald’s reopens it’s drive-through restaurant after an eight week lockdown



McDonalds, Gillingham,Kent  on Wednesday 20th May 2020 McDonald’s has reopened 32 of its

Managers at the Kent drive-through restaurants making sure Social Distancing is kept

McDonalds, Gillingham,Kent Wednesday 20th May 2020 McDonald’s has reopened 32 of its drive-through restaurants   as it gets back to business amid the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The fast food chain opened  15 of its 1,270 branches  for delivery orders earlier in May.


Staff at the Gillingham site make you drive around the car park three times before allowing you to join the one open order point.

They are also offering  a limited menu between 11am and 10pm, with workers separated from customers by a perspex screen at the drive-through window.

Customers are being asked to pay using a contactless method if possible and spending is capped at £25 per car.

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