Breaking COVID19

Most followed the rules others pushed them

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Yesterday saw lockdown restrictions lifted further and many Londoners attended pubs and bars last night to enjoy themselves.

The majority of the public complied with social distancing guidelines and remained vigilant. While some areas were notably busy such as Soho and Portobello Road, we are pleased there were no significant issues or incidents in the capital.

A small number of premises decided to close early following advice from officers due to crowding and social distancing issues and we thank them for their responsible actions.

There were well versed plans for this weekend and we worked closely with our partners and licensed premises – this was demonstrated by compliance from the large majority of venues and members of the public.

Officers were on patrol engaging with members of the public and hospitality venues to ensure a peaceful night and that will continue today.

It’s vital that we don’t lose track of how far we have come and all act responsibly and play our part to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.


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