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Man on roof keeps whole South London awake causing Social Media meltdown


Specialist negotiator, Paramedics from the LAS  and Police  officer have been called in to try and talk a man down from a building in South London this evening.

Police at the scene have called on  a Specialist team following a long drawn out  operation that is very fuild.


A Police helicopter called in to monitor that situation  has caused a social media meltdown after spending nearly three hours flying overhead in attempts to  find the man who had taken refuse on a roof of Bedwell House on Brixton Road.


Some residents took to social media offering to buy the Police a drone for a good night’s sleep after a swop was made for a second helicopter to be brought into continue giving officers an eye from above.


@metpoliceukthe people of Brixton are willing to buy you guys a drone in exchange for a good night’s sleep.
Three Fire engines and an aerial ladder have also been sent to the on going incident  that has kept up most of  Brixton
The Met Police have been approached for comment.
More to follow 

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