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Police officer dismissed after posting comments on Britain First facebook page

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A serving officer has been dismissed without notice following a misconduct hearing.

PC Gus Mirams, who was based at Central West Command Unit (AW), answered allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of:

– Authority, Respect & Courtesy
– Equality & Diversity
– Orders & Instructions
– Discreditable Conduct

In July 2018, whilst off duty, it was alleged PC Mirams “liked” and made comments on a Facebook group linked to the far-right extremist group “Britain First”. PC Mirams allegedly also made offensive comments online, in response to photographs and videos including news stories about police officers taking part in Pride events.

It was further alleged that on 15 July 2019, whilst on restricted duties and in breach of his restrictions, PC Mirams attended the public gallery to observe an unrelated Misconduct Hearing. PC Mirams was also alleged to have made homophobic and racially offensive comments whilst in the presence of two members of the public and a security officer.

PC Mirams’ comments on Facebook and on 15 July 2019 were alleged to have used language and expressed views that could reasonably be perceived to be abusive, oppressive, victimising or offensive and did not treat certain communities with fairness, respect and impartiality.

It was alleged that PC Mirams breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘Authority, Respect & Courtesy’, ‘Equality & Diversity’, ‘Orders & Instructions’ and ‘Discreditable Conduct’. Further, this conduct was alleged to amount to gross.

The Independent Legally Qualified Chair and panel members considered the alleged breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour namely Authority, Respect and Courtesy, Equality and Diversity and Discreditable Conduct.

All allegations were found proven as gross misconduct.

The decision by the Panel was that PC Mirams is to be dismissed without notice.

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