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Large knife and gun recovered by Police in Southwark

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A loaded gun and a large knife have been recovered by officers from the Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) after they stopped and searched two men in Southwark.

VCTF officers were on patrol in Amina Way, Bermondsey, shortly after 21.10hrs on Tuesday, 11 August, when they noticed two men, aged 18 an 20, turn around and walk away from them into Lucey Way.

The two men then ran away from officers. A short time later, a knife was recovered outside a house and a bag from the garden of a different address.

The bag was searched and it was found to contain a firearm, with at least three rounds of ammunition.

Following a short foot chase, the two men were detained and arrested by police on suspicion of possession of a firearm, ammunition and an offensive weapon.

They have been taken into custody.

Police Sergeant Leon Coltress, of the Violent Crime Task Force, said: “As the result of proactive work by officers from the Violent Crime Taskforce, a loaded gun and a large knife have been taken off the streets in London.

“Stop and search is an important policing tool that helps seize deadly weapons and arrest perpetrators of violence.

“I have no doubt these arrests and seizures have prevented a serious incident taking place last night within Central South Borough Command Unit. My officers deploy daily to protect Londoners”

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