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A man has been jailed after officers intercepted him driving a van carrying more than £5 million worth of Class A drugs

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Screenshot 2020 08 21 at 15.24.51

A man has been jailed after officers intercepted him driving a van carrying more than £5 million worth of Class A drugs.

Nabil Chaudhry, 31  of Moat Place, Northampton, was sentenced on Friday, 21 August to seven-and-a-half years imprisonment after he appeared at Sheffield Crown Court.

He was sentenced for possessing criminal property and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, between July 2018 and July 2019. He pleaded guilty to both offences on Tuesday, 11 February.

Chaudhry was arrested as the result of an intelligence-led investigation carried out by detectives from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command. 

Based on information available to them, plain-clothed officers deployed to a petrol station on the A1 in Doncaster on 20 July 2019. 

Shortly after the arrival of officers, Chaudhry arrived driving a van. As he got out, the officers approached and identified themselves. At this point, Chaudhry attempted to escape, fighting the officers as he tried to re-enter his vehicle.

Chaudhry initially refused to hand over the keys to his van, but officers managed to obtain them after completing the arrest. 

An initial search of the van revealed purpose-built panelling had been screwed into the rear. On removal of the panelling, officers discovered 45 individually wrapped blocks – later found to contain cocaine.

Each block weighed approximately 1kg, totalling 45kg of Class A drugs – with an estimated street value of approximately £5.7 million.

During the post-charge investigation and examination of his encrypted device, further evidence was obtained of Chaudhry being involved in the distribution of a further 75kg of Class A drugs. Financial enquiries showed that nearly £50,000 of cash deposits were made into his current account that were unaccounted for. 

On Wednesday, 8 January, he was further charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and possession of criminal property.

Detective Inspector Glenn Butler, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “The drugs being carried in this vehicle were believed to be destined for distribution on the streets of London. 

“There is an undeniable link between drug supply and violence, much of which we have witnessed across the capital in recent months. 

“By intercepting the delivery of millions of pounds worth of Class A drugs, I am confident we have prevented harm coming to Londoners, and those who choose to visit our city.

“I am proud of the dedication and proactivity of my teams which has resulted in this sentence today. The detection of this criminality should send a warning to anyone considering carrying out similar acts that we will use all powers available to us to bring you to justice.”

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