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Two men have been reported after hosting a wedding party in a restaurant in west London Breaking COVID19 rules

Two men have been reported for consideration of a fine after hosting a wedding party in a restaurant in west London with approximately 100 guests.

At 7.07pm on Sunday, 1 November, officers were called to the Chaudhry’s TKC venue in Southall, following a report of a large wedding inside. After arriving on the scene, one of the event organisers attempted to convince officers that there was only a wedding party of 15 people.

However, behind a curtained off rear room, officers discovered a large reception gathering of approximately 100 attendees celebrating a wedding. Officers explained to the organisers that the gathering was in clear breach of the Coronavirus regulations. Under the regulations, wedding ceremonies and sit-down receptions are only permitted to have 15 attendees. The event was shut down.

Chief Superintendent Peter Gardner, BCU Commander for the West Area, said: “We are still in a national pandemic and infection rates are steadily rising – restrictions around weddings have been put in place to save lives.

“Coronavirus remains a real and deadly threat and more officers will be deployed in every borough to help keep people safe. They will patrol public spaces and will respond swiftly to incidents where groups gather in large numbers.

“It is very clear that the police cannot control the spread of the virus through enforcement alone, and we need Londoners to work with us. Therefore, please continue to act responsibly. Maintain social distancing, respect the new regulations and guidance, and help keep yourself, your friends and family safe.”

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