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Tip-offs from locals lead police to find a plush flats basement in Dulwich had been trashed to build a massive crack factory

A tip-offs from locals led police to find a basement of a plush block of flats in South East London had been trashed to build a massive drugs factory.

Officers from the Met Police have uncovered the huge haul of drugs making equipment in the two-bedroom property in Fountain Drive in South East London following a tip from the locals after attending late on Tuesday evening.

Shocked officers also called on the help of the London Fire Brigade to make the scene safe following the discovery. 

Inside, the basement officers found the whole of the basement converted into a drugs factory with large amounts of drugs that are thought to be Class A.

It was as a result of community intelligence that  Police were able to take the factory down a police source has revealed.

Scene of Crime Officers and a scene guard remains in place whilst the investigation continues. It is unclear if anyone has been arrested.

The Met Police have been approached for comment.



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