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Emergency services called after noxious substance was squirted through the letterbox in South East London

Police paramedics and the Fire service have all been scrambled to a flat in Blackheath this afternoon after a chemical attack was carried out on a property.

It is believed that  person approached the front door of a property and that a noxious substance and package was squirted through the letterbox,

About five emergency vehicles  – including two Forensic Services vans – were called to Galton House on ShootersHill Road at around 2.30pm on Sunday 8th November 2020.

An investigation has been launched into the attack and the incident is being treated a large scale incident. 

A number of Fire appliances along with a DIM unit and officers could be seen arriving at the Queen Elizabeth hospital that is being used as a holding area whilst tests are carried out on the substance.

The Met police have been approached for comment 

More to follow 

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