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School Head Teacher Threatens Mum With Legal Action after She Exposes School Bullies

School Head Teacher Threatens Mum With Legal  Action After She Exposes  School Bullies
school head teacher threatens mum with legal action after she exposes school bullies 4

A Chelmsford Mum has been threatened with legal action by a school head teacher if she didn’t remove these pictures. The mum who we have chosen not to name takes up the sorry in her own words I’ve had two meetings with my 6 year old daughters school about the bullying she has faced and nothing has come of it! I asked if the boys in question could be temporarily suspended to allow my daughter to return to school in peace and the school refused! My daughter is scared of her teacher and feels like she is allowing her to be bullied because she doesn’t like her. Three boys are bullying my daughter, she has been kicked, punched, pushed over (resulting in a head injury), tripped up, fingers bent back, Chinese burns, scratched on her back (picture) and someone even spat in her face!! Totally unacceptable! And what’s worse is the head teacher had no idea about the complaints and calls I’ve been making until I kicked up a stink on social media. The parents of these children have been calling my daughter a brat at the school whilst picking their kids up…just goes to show where their children get it from! 
I hope these parents and the school involved are disgusted in themselves for allowing children to bully my daughter to the point she is going to have to be home schooled until we find an appropriate school for her! As for the legal action..clearly the parents and school aren’t happy that I’ve shone a light in their not so good children and the not so good school! I have reported the school to ofsted, the county council and will be calling the governors in the morning to make yet another complaint! 
These photos were taken 40 minutes after collecting her and they were still this red! These are not playing accidents…this is not banter….this is boys doing things to my daughter in an attempt to cause her harm! 
I have gone public as an attempt to show that bullying is NEVER okay and schools should have ZERO tolerance! The bullied party should not be forced to leave the school because little or no action is being taken.
Thank you for all the continued support, so many people have messaged me in response to my original post with lots of support for Brooke and we appreciate every single one