Fire Crews battle to Free Driver trapped in Overturned Car Twickenham

Fire Crews Battle To Free Driver Trapped  In Overturned Car  Twickenham
fire crews battle to free driver trapped in overturned car twickenham 4

Heath Road in Twickenham is currently closed in both directions whilst London Ambulance and London Fire respond to traffic collision. A vehicle has flipped on to its roof on road outside a parade of shops. The light blue vauxhall astra mounted the pavement hitting the kerb than flipping on to it’s roof ending up in the middle of the carriageway outside the consol tanning centre just after 3pm this afternoon (Wednesday 26th April 2017)

A number of ambulances are at the scene and a HART team from London Ambulance have also been sent to the assist firefighters who are attempting to free those involved

Routes 110 267 281 290 490 H22 are diverted in the Twickenham area due to the incident.

A passing driver witnessed the drama unfold Paul Sarahs a freelance football commentator at City, Fener, said “He heard an almighty bang about an hour ago. Thought it was thunder but than saw the car on it’s roof.”

There are reports over 10 bus waiting to get through but have become stuck due to the closure. Surrounding roads are reported to very busy and very slow as drivers seek alternate routes around the closure that is likely to remain for some time.

Police have closed the road in both directions whilst Paramedics and Firefighters work to stabilize the vehicle and free one person who is understood to be trapped in the vehicle.