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Further Victim Killed in Grenfell Tower fire identified

Further Victim Killed In Grenfell Tower Fire Identified
further victim killed in grenfell tower fire identified

A further victim of the Grenfell Tower fire has been formally identified as 50-year-old Ernie Vital.

The family of Ernie Vital, said:

“Ernie was a polite 50-year-old man and he worked in the catering industry. He was a creative individual who pursued a creative life. He was a proud, humble, mature and independent man. He was a loyal son and a law abiding citizen who maintained good relationships with all those he met in society.

“He will be remembered as a kind, sensitive and caring person with a warm hearted smile. His pursuit of happiness has been abruptly and dramatically stopped by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. His family and friends will miss him dearly.”