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East Croydon Station on Lock Down after Suspect Package has been found

East Croydon Station On Lock Down After Suspect Package Has Been Found
east croydon station on lock down after suspect package has been found

A major Railway station is under lockdown this evening after a suspect package has been found. British Transport Police have put the station into lockdown both Southern and Thameslink trains have been effected by the closure. A large number of people have been evacuated and the shutters have been closed at both entrances whilst specialist officers from British Transport Police investigate. It is also understood that some local residents have also been evacuated from their properties.

Southern Railways press office have said they cannot confirm or deny that there is a suspect package but have said the British Transport Police are investigating “an incident” at the station.

A large number of people have reported that they are being evacuated from the station with many asking Southern via Twitter for more information.
A spokesman for British Transport Police said : We can confirm were on scene at East Croydon station Our specialist officers are investigating a suspect package. We’ll update as soon as we can.
A Further update from British Transport Police :EastCroydon has been declared non suspicious.
The station will be reopening very shortly!