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450K Super Car Leaves Four Hospitalised after Six Vehicle Collision in Croydon

450k Super Car  Leaves Four Hospitalised  After Six  Vehicle Collision In Croydon
450k super car leaves four hospitalised after six vehicle collision in croydon 4

These are the shocking pictures of the remains of a 450k supercar that caused an eight vehicle pileup on Gravel Hill in Croydon on Monday evening. The Pile up resulted in four people being Hospitalised.
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A London Ambulance Service (LAS) spokeswoman added: “We were called at 6.55pm today to reports of a road traffic collision on Gravel Hill.

“We have treated a total of eight patients for injuries including neck and back pain and four of these patients are being taken to hospital.”

One local resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he witnessed the local crashing he said it was a hire car. He is always racing around in it and winding up the police. He (The Driver) overtook all the stationery cars and than saw the speed camera for the traffic light.

A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade has confirmed that three fire engines were sent to the crash.

She said: “We were called to this incident shortly before 7pm and crews from Addington and Croydon fire stations attended.

“No persons were trapped in any of the cars involved.” She added that the injured people were in five of the cars involved.