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Road patrols disrupt criminals on the borders of Essex and London

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Police Officers from Essex and the Metropolitan Police carried out joint patrols to disrupt criminals using the roads on borders of Essex and east London

Weapons and drugs were seized and 34 people were arrested on suspicion of various offences during the operation on 26 May and 27 May.

Of those arrested, 20 were suspected of drink or drug driving.

Six were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and three on suspicion of having knife and weapons.

Officers also seized 14 vehicles because the drivers had committed offences such as driving without insurance, and reported 18 for traffic offences.

Road crime manager Matt Hine said: “We disrupt and catch criminals during our regular patrols and this operation was no exception.

“In some cases we stop people for traffic offences and identify further more serious crime, such as finding drugs or weapons in their vehicles.

“So our message to criminals is we are out there looking for you and you can’t hide from us.”

Superintendent Craig Saunders said: “Since March, more than 84 people have been arrested during our road policing operations with the Metropolitan Police and we’ve seized drugs and weapons that otherwise would have caused harm in our communities.

“This kind of proactive policing work is just a small example of what we’re doing every day to keep Essex safe and keeping criminals out of our county.”

The operation was part of Operation Sceptre, our ongoing work to tackle serious violent crime including knife and drug-related crime.