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Prison Officers are treated the same as emergency services

Prison staff are not allowed to shop in some stores that have specific key worker times.

Prisons protect the public from those committed by the Courts day in day out.

They will be faced with prisoners who may not even disclose to them that they have Covid-19 symptoms as they won’t want to be locked behind their door for 14 days.

Think about that! Think about the risk the staff will be putting themselves under and in turn their families.

Prison officers not only ensure that prisoners stay behind the wall but they act as fire fighters, extinguishing cell fires.

They perform CPR on prisoners who have attempted to take their own life.

Intervening in violent incidents just like Police Officers and offering a calming voice when things just get too much.
They cant all self isolate and they work long stressful shifts without a canteen or cafe.

COME ON SUPERMARKETS, get a grip and allow all Prison Officers to shop when theres still food on the shelf.

Prison Officers should be reated the same as emergency services.


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