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Cases of Coronavirus are again rising nationally and Police are urging our communities to continue to follow the rules set

y Police says officers will continue to play their role in making sure people comply with the Coronavirus legislation.

The vast majority of people within the Thames Valley continue to follow the government regulations in order to protect others and the NHS, but there remain some who are not observing the rules.

Chief Superintendent Rob France, Gold Commander for Thames Valley Police’s response to Coronavirus, said: “It is clear that cases of Coronavirus nationally are increasing and action needs to be taken by us all to stop this indiscriminate virus from spreading and leading to the deaths of many more people.

As such it is only right that Thames Valley Police continues to play a role in stopping the spread.

“The whole of the Thames Valley area currently sits within the “medium” tier of the government’s new restriction system, and I know that most people are aware of the rules and are following them and for this we are hugely grateful.

“Our approach throughout has been to support the public in following the regulations by engaging, explaining and encouraging, and using discretion before enforcement.

“However where people are choosing to breach the regulations, there to protect us all and not listening to police officers, we will move more quickly to enforcement by issuing a fine or other enforcement such as dispersal or arrest.

“It cannot be right that the small number of people deliberately flouting the rules should be able to do so without consequence”.

“Our officers will be in the community, and we will have dedicated officers across the Force who will be responding to reports of breaches of the Coronavirus legislation.

“We have increased patrols in areas where transmission is higher, we are working with our partners in local authorities and businesses to make sure the rules are being followed.

“We would ask people to report any breaches of Coronavirus legislation online or through 101 if they do not have online access.

“We will continue to prioritise our response to Coronavirus to where the risk is greatest, but this will be balanced alongside our other duties to protect the public from crime.

“As such we would ask people to make sure that they know the rules and abide by them so that we can protect our communities and stop cases from increasing in the Thames Valley.”

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